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Why Ghost Wig Making is the Secret Weapon for Busy Hairstylists

In a cozy corner of a busy salon, Tiffany, a skilled hairstylist with a flair for creating stunning hairdos, felt a pang of frustration.

Between snips and styles, her eyes often wandered to the corner where her half-finished custom wig lay. Her passion for crafting beautiful, custom wigs was undeniable, yet finding the time to complete them amidst her busy schedule was a constant struggle.

Each wig demanded hours of meticulous work – time that Tiffany found increasingly hard to spare. It wasn't just about the crafting; coloring and styling each wig to perfection was a time-intensive labor of love.

This dilemma is familiar to many hairstylists who aspire to expand their offerings but are bound by the ticking clock. Enter ghost wig making – a solution that promises to save time and open new avenues for revenue.

This service could be the turning point for Tiffany, a way to balance her passion for wig making with the demands of her thriving salon business.

The Time-Intensive Nature of Custom Wig Making

Like many talented hairstylists, Tiffany had ventured into the world of custom wig making out of a passion for creativity and personalization.

Does this sound familiar?

However, she quickly realized that this art was not just about skill but also a race against time.

busy hairstylist

There are two sides to this story.

The one we will talk about today with Tiffany and the other side is the beauty entrepreneurs who don’t know how to construct a custom wig, let alone know how to color it professionally.

We find this is common among many hair entrepreneurs who are selling hair extensions bundles, closures, and frontals but missing out on the growing opportunity of selling custom made wigs.

Understanding the Custom Wig Time Commitment

Creating a custom wig from scratch involves numerous steps — selecting the right hair, constructing the base, sewing in the hair, and then the intricate processes of coloring and styling.

Each of these steps requires hours, sometimes days, of dedicated work. For Tiffany, finding uninterrupted hours to devote to wig making was challenging amidst her packed salon schedule.

Each custom wig that needed could take upwards of 10-20 hours to complete after multiple processes, a significant time investment considering her daily commitments to her salon clients. Most hairstylists have a lot on their plate. From booking appointments to working with clients, keeping up with the books, and keeping their space clean and organized.

We understand that finding the time to create custom wigs efficiently is a challenge.

Keeping up with all these responsibilities is why ghost wig making has become popular among those busy hair stylists.

Balancing Quality with Time Constraints

The pressure to balance time without compromising the quality of her wigs was a constant struggle for Tiffany.

She understood that rushing through the process could lead to subpar results, which was not an option for her high standards. The detailed work of coloring, ensuring the right shade and tone, and styling to suit individual client preferences was incredibly time-consuming. This meticulous attention to detail set her wigs apart and made them so demanding of her time.

But what if there was another way?

Ghost Wig Making – A Time-Saving Solution

As Tiffany pondered over her time constraints, she discovered the concept of ghost wig making — an innovative approach that promised to reshape her business and passion.

The Concept of Ghost Wig Making

Ghost wig making involves outsourcing the time-intensive task of wig construction and customization to expert wig makers.

These specialists work behind the scenes, crafting and styling wigs according to specified requirements.

For example, the Private Label Wigs ghost wig making team is split into three categories. The first team constructs the wigs based on the provided specifications. This team could assemble a small cap wig with 150% and a 5x5 HD closure. Our wig construction team only constructs wigs—zero distractions from anything else. 


The color team only does professional color. This focus is what the color team does all day, every day. Breaking up the wig making into two teams allows both sides of the wig making process to be experts in their craft without distractions.

Then, the third team oversees the process and ensures everything is organized, on schedule, and immediately sent out when ready. For

Tiffany, this meant she could provide input on design and personalization without having to construct and color each wig physically.

Reclaiming Time and Energy

By partnering with a ghost wig maker, Tiffany found she could significantly reduce the hours spent on each wig.

The time savings freed up her schedule, allowing her to focus more on her salon clients and less on the laborious wig-making process.

She discovered that this newfound time could be used for client consultations, developing new hairstyles, and even exploring further education and training opportunities, enhancing her skills and services.

Using the time wisely will allow Tiffany to earn additional income, focus more time on staying healthy, and still be able to provide her clients with beautiful custom wigs. Is this something you would be interested in?

Let’s learn more about the benefits of working with a ghost wig maker.

Maintaining Quality and Personalization

Initially, Tiffany had concerns about maintaining the high quality and personalized touch that her clients expected.

However, she found that working closely with a skilled ghost wig maker could uphold her craftsmanship and customization standards. This collaboration allowed her to offer her clients a more comprehensive range of styles and options, catering to their diverse needs while ensuring each wig met her high-quality benchmarks.

When you work with a team dedicated to making custom wigs, you might be surprised by all the additional wig designs you can offer.

Some of the most popular are:

You can offer different lace types and specify the wig density, cap size, pre-cut lace, bleached knots, glueless band, and more!

Expanding Revenue Streams with Custom Wigs

The introduction of ghost wig making into Tiffany's business model alleviated her time constraints and unlocked new opportunities for financial growth.

New Opportunities for Revenue

Ghost wig making enabled Tiffany to significantly increase the number of custom wigs she could offer for sale.

Without the burden of crafting each wig herself, she could now cater to more clients looking for custom wigs.

This expansion into a broader product range allowed her to tap into a more significant market segment, including those seeking specialized wigs for fashion, medical needs, or cultural reasons.

selling custom made wigs

Capitalizing on Custom Wigs Without the Skillset

Tiffany realized that ghost wig-making was beneficial for saving time and hair stylists who needed to possess the specific skill set for wig-making.

It opened up a new revenue stream for professionals who wanted to sell custom wigs but needed more expertise or resources to create them. By offering these services, Tiffany could attract a new customer base, including those explicitly looking for custom wigs but not necessarily traditional hairstyling services.

The final retail sale of a custom wig can often exceed $1,000.

There is plenty of profit to be made by working with a cost-effective wig provider.

Higher Profit Margins with Efficient Production

Partnering with a ghost wig maker allowed Tiffany to enjoy more competitive pricing due to efficient production methods.

This efficiency translated into better profit margins, as she could price her wigs competitively while still enjoying a healthy return. The cost-effectiveness of ghost wig making and the increased sales volume contributed significantly to her salon's overall profitability.

This concept also refers to the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

A hairstylist has too many responsibilities to be as efficient as a ghost wig making team. The amount of daily responsibilities add up quickly. Imagine having more time to add that personal touch with your clients.

There is a lot of additional value in that, which has been diminishing with hairstylists over the years as they have many responsibilities.

The Business Advantages for Hairstylists

Incorporating ghost wig making into her salon services, Tiffany discovered several key business advantages that extended beyond just time savings and increased revenue.

Enhancing Client Satisfaction

Ghost wig making enabled Tiffany to offer a broader range of custom wig options, meeting her client's diverse needs and preferences.

This variety significantly enhanced client satisfaction, as they appreciated the personalized attention and customized options.

The ability to provide quick turnaround times for custom wigs, thanks to the efficiency of ghost wig making, also contributed to higher customer satisfaction levels.

Strengthening Brand Reputation

Tiffany strengthened her salon's brand reputation by offering high-quality, custom-made wigs through a reliable ghost wig-making service.

Clients began associating her brand with versatility, quality, and innovation in hairstyling and wig making. This reputation helped attract new clients and retain existing ones, contributing to the salon's growth and market standing.

Would you like to do the same?

Outsourcing the wig making process does not mean you will never make a custom wig.

It gives you more time to increase your output of wigs and elevate your revenue.

Fostering Business Growth and Diversification

Adding ghost wig-making services allowed Tiffany to diversify her business offerings, making her salon a one-stop destination for various beauty needs.

This diversification attracted a wider clientele and provided a buffer against market fluctuations, ensuring a more stable and sustainable business model.

Overcoming Technical Hurdles with Ghost Wig Making

While Tiffany was adept at hairstyling, the technical intricacies of wig making presented a unique set of challenges, which ghost wig making helped her navigate.

Understanding the Technical Complexities

Custom wig making is not just an art; it’s a technical craft involving precise hair selection, wefting, and cap construction techniques.

Coloring and styling add another layer of complexity. Tiffany's basic understanding of these processes was enough to appreciate the skill involved, but mastering them would have required significant time and resources, which she could not afford.

When coloring a wig, we know it’s a time-consuming process that a professional wig maker cannot rush. Even if you can sew a wig together in 30 minutes, you might spend countless hours coloring a wig.

Have you heard the stories of a stylist getting busy and overprocessing hair?

It happens more often than you would think because of the busy schedules and multiple daily tasks a hairstylist has to perform.

color hair for wigs

Partnering with Expert Wig Makers

By collaborating with experienced ghost wig makers, Tiffany could ensure that each wig met her high standards without needing to be involved in the intricate technical process.

Private Label Wigs, her chosen ghost wig making partner, had experts who could handle the technicalities efficiently, delivering wigs that aligned with her and her clients' expectations.

Maintaining Quality and Customization

Despite not crafting the wigs, Tiffany maintained control over the final product.

She provided detailed specifications for each wig, ensuring the style, color, and fit matched her client’s requirements. Private Label Wigs has created an easy-to-use online system and dozens of inspiration wig styles to customize.

This collaborative approach allowed her to offer customized, high-quality wigs, much to the delight of her clients, who continued to receive personalized, top-tier products.

How to Get Started with Ghost Wig Making

For hairstylists like Tiffany, venturing into ghost wig making can be a game-changer. Here’s how they can start this journey.

Researching and Choosing a Ghost Wig Maker

The first step is to research potential ghost wig making partners.

Look for companies with a reputation for quality, reliability, and good communication. Tiffany chose Private Label Wigs for their proven track record and ability to meet her needs.

The Private Label Wigs team has been in business since 2014 and specializes in all aspects of the hair industry, including ghost wig making, dropshipping, and wholesale hair extensions, all while offering the best customer service.

When looking for a Ghost Wig Maker, It’s important to review their portfolio, understand their pricing structure, and read reviews or testimonials from other hairstylists.

Setting Up the Partnership

Once a suitable ghost wig maker is selected, the next step is to establish a working relationship.

Building a business relationship involves discussing and agreeing on terms, such as turnaround times, customization options, and minimum order quantities.

Clear communication about expectations and consistent feedback helps in building a successful partnership.

Marketing and Selling Your Wigs

With the partnership in place, hairstylists should focus on marketing their new wig offerings and growing their business.

Now, a hairstylist can grow their business through social media, salon website, and in-salon promotions.

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